Isabel Marant for H&M

I KNOW RIGHT. Only just heard about this (I read the FT not Vogue -.-) I wonder what the collection will include..? I’m going to guess embellishments and embroidery (if it follows the looks on Paris fashion week), wedge “sneakers” (when did I start using that word?), and the label’s characteristic “boho” looks. I cringe […]

Real vs Steal | Isabel Marant vs Various Contenders

Sooo I have sneakily borrowed (erhem) a photo from Chiara’s latest blog post on Coachella. Aside from the Constance bag, which I absolutely love and will (eventually) own, the other item that I liked (oh and aside from the Cartier love bracelet. Again, sooo going to get me one of those) are those suede boots.

Patchwork Denim Shirts | Real vs Steal: Isabel Marant vs Lee Jeans

Somewhere between browsing street style photos and runway shots on, I came across a feature on 100 picks from the High Street for Spring/Summer 2013. One thing that caught my eye was this: When was the last time you saw a patchwork denim shirt? These were (something of ) a hit in 2011, and […]

An Embellished, Embroidered, Floral-print Bohemian Rhapsody

A what? So I started off trying to think of a name that encapsulates the looks seen on the Isabel Marant Spring 2013 runway. (Rhapsody has no relevance, just seems to follow from “Bohemian”.) And ended up with that title. (You can check out the photos of the collection here – tell me if you […]