Real vs Steal | Isabel Marant vs Various Contenders

Sooo I have sneakily borrowed (erhem) a photo from Chiara’s latest blog post on Coachella. Aside from the Constance bag, which I absolutely love and will (eventually) own, the other item that I liked (oh and aside from the Cartier love bracelet. Again, sooo going to get me one of those) are those suede boots.

Going for Gyaru

Just a super quick post about this cho-kawaii bag from Romwe. I first saw it on bloggers Cheesie (a similar bag) and Tricia Gosintian.

Update: Monochrome Stripes | Marc Jacobs vs Marks & Spencer

If you’ve read my previous post on the monochrome trend, you’ll recognise the photograph below from the main header: I found a dupe for the suit featured in the main image, and now, heres a dupe for the dress – from Marks & Spencer no less! Credit for finding this actually goes to The Daily […]

Monochrome Stripes

My previous post on the Isabel Marant trend seemed to go down well, so I’m continuing the theme with a post on another hit trend this season: monochrome + stripes. Stripes are one of my favourite trends – always a classic and there are so many ways of wearing them. The header image uses looks […]

An Embellished, Embroidered, Floral-print Bohemian Rhapsody

A what? So I started off trying to think of a name that encapsulates the looks seen on the Isabel Marant Spring 2013 runway. (Rhapsody has no relevance, just seems to follow from “Bohemian”.) And ended up with that title. (You can check out the photos of the collection here – tell me if you […]

Update: Real vs Steal | Equipment vs Forever 21

When I was searching for a link to the Forever21 shirt featured in my previous post, look what I came across on the website! Copyright infringement, hello! With the white collar, and the spacing of the stripes, this shirt looks JUST LIKE the Equipment shirt! On a mission to buy this today 🙂 Manon

Real vs Steal | Equipment vs Forever 21

First it was yellow, then simple brown paper, and then, bright pink. What am I talking about? The ubiquitous bags of Oxford Street of course: Selfridges, Primark and Forever 21. Selfridges, is synonymous with luxury, Primark with cheap fashion. But Forever 21? Before its opening a year or so ago, I had never heard of […]