Real vs Steal | Isabel Marant vs Various Contenders

Sooo I have sneakily borrowed (erhem) a photo from Chiara’s latest blog post on Coachella. Aside from the Constance bag, which I absolutely love and will (eventually) own, the other item that I liked (oh and aside from the Cartier love bracelet. Again, sooo going to get me one of those) are those suede boots.

I saw a nice pair of suede boots in Kurt Geiger this week, but I decided against buying them because the weather is getting warmer and I didn’t think I’d wear them anytime soon. But as Chiara shows, they’re still wearable for summer!


The pair worn by Chiara are Isabel Marant Dicker boots. Other than having a daft name, they also come with a quite hefty price tag (£350/$700). (I hope my blog isn’t registered as a porno blog because of the “Dicker” tag now.)

I find suede boots are quite generic, so I wouldn’t spend so much on one pair of shoes when I could get a good quality pair on the high street for £100. And if you really, really like them that much, why not go for one of the many dupes!

Heres a better picture of the Marant boots:


You can get them on net-a-porter, here. (Only black is available, taupe is sold out)

And now the lookalikes:

1. Kurt Geiger Fearne boots. £39, here. They come in black too.


2. Ash boots. These are £150, available on ASOS and my-wardrobe. I think this is the best contender, they have a very similar shape and detail at the front.


And lastly this pair from River Island (£40), here. By the time I came across these, I had obviously forgotten what the Marants look like, because they look like Pistol boots.. Nvm. I left them in for Acne fans 🙂


Have a great evening all 🙂


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