Perspex Clutches

Remember the Candy Bag from 2011/2012, one of the “it” bags of the season from Furla? Revealing the mysteries of a woman’s handbag seems to be the fashion once again and the transparent bag is back for spring, this time in the form of perspex clutches. We’ve seen the Chanel Lego clutch, Valentino’s Rockstud bag, […]

Real vs Steal | Balenciaga vs Topshop cut-out boots

I was in two minds whether to post this or not. On the one hand, they are one of the most effing ugly pair of shoes I have ever seen. And yet they’re sold out on so many websites that I checked when looking for price/pictures. So someone must like them.

Words of wisdom from Joan Collins

“I’m often amazed when some lined, blotchy-skinned woman proudly announces she’s never allowed an ounce of make-up touch her face. Well, bully for you, if you want to go to the grave looking like Dracula’s grandma, but if you want to look young, then start applying make-up.”

Beauty Junkie

How many of you made a New Year’s resolution this year? How many of them lasted longer than the leftover food? Ah yes, I sense your guilt 😀 Now that it’s Spring, the season of new beginnings and all that, it’s a good time to get organised and spring clean your home (always a lot […]

Ash Sample Sale (May)

This isn’t a copypasta reposting error – the Ash sample sale returns for those who didn’t make the last one 🙂 And apparently, prices have been further reduced! Thursday 23rd May – tomorrow! 10-7 pm 77 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 6DF Current stock and samples at “wholesale prices” (still not sure what that means) […]

Roger Vivier Sample Sale

What do we love more than shoes? Shoes on sale of course! Roger Vivier Sample Sale At the Music Room at Grays Antique Market in Mayfair. Grays Antique Market is right in front of Bond Street station. Other than the sample sales held there, Grays is a fantastic place to buy jewellery, vintage fashion, antiques […]