Ash Sample Sale

Ash Showroom Sale Thursday 25th April – tomorrow! 11-7 pm 77 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 6DF I received an e-mail for this event, says there will be “wholesale prices” (whatever that equates to) for Ash, among other brands. They will also have some stock from Michael Kors, Pauric Sweeney & See by Chloe. Rather […]

au Printemps

HOORAY SPRING IS HERE!! After months of cold and awful dreary weather, we are finally getting some sunshine! As my fellow Brits will testify, there was no summer last year. So it wasn’t comparable to “the” year without a summer, it was just rubbish. May: wettest in 100 years. June: coldest in history. July: similar. […]

Rupert Sanderson Sample Sale

Did anyone go to the Rupert Sanderson sample sale held in Mayfair yesterday? I totally forgot about it in the day and got there quite late and bought  *only* one pair… but there were definitely some bargains to be found 😦 Does anyone know whether it will be held again, because there were LOADS of […]

Real vs Steal | Isabel Marant vs Various Contenders

Sooo I have sneakily borrowed (erhem) a photo from Chiara’s latest blog post on Coachella. Aside from the Constance bag, which I absolutely love and will (eventually) own, the other item that I liked (oh and aside from the Cartier love bracelet. Again, sooo going to get me one of those) are those suede boots.

And always let your conscience be your guide

So, as you probably know April 4th was the launch of the H&M Conscious Collection. The H&M Conscious Collection … Anyone else struck by the irony of that? H&M, a retailer giant synonymous with fast fashion, has gotten a conscience and gets their act together. That wouldn’t be a bad thing – that would amaze […]

Gossip Girl | Herve Leger at the Outnet

I must be one of the few people who hasn’t watched Gossip Girl  but I can claim to have seen parts of a few episodes… and didn’t really know what was going on, all that struck me was the clothes to be honest – which I’ll come back to in a minute. Tuesday is new […]

Tell me about it, stud… Real vs Steal – Christian Louboutin vs Romwe

How many of you have seen a girl (or guy for that matter) wearing a pair of studded loafers and wonder… “how painful would it be to step on their toes … I wonder how much those cost.. are they Louboutins…” and so on… Well, this is what the Louboutins look like: I think they […]

Going for Gyaru

Just a super quick post about this cho-kawaii bag from Romwe. I first saw it on bloggers Cheesie (a similar bag) and Tricia Gosintian.

Paris Fashion Week: Autumn/Winter Trends 2013

Does anyone else find it strange how the fashion world is always two seasons ahead? So while we mere mortals are looking at florals, pastels, lace and all things sweet and springtime, designers are sending what we’ll be wearing in autumn/winter down the runways of Paris Fashion Week… Le monde est un endroit étrange, non? […]