A/W Trends – Pale Pink + Celine vs Zara

A few weeks back, I read a feature on pink being “the colour” for autumn/winter 2013/2014. A quick google search later brought up shots from the runway of dusty pink clothes in all kinds of cuts and styles. As much as I like the colour, pale pink is far too sweet and girly for me […]

Denim Shirts / Olivia Palermo

Denim shirts are one of the many trends that have resurged, but I’m only now warming up to it and thinking of getting a denim shirt for myself. (Yes I’m typically late in catching the Fashion Bahn.) I found a nice one in H&M, but I decided against buying, thinking denim shirts have had their […]

Real vs Steal | Balenciaga vs Topshop cut-out boots

I was in two minds whether to post this or not. On the one hand, they are one of the most effing ugly pair of shoes I have ever seen. And yet they’re sold out on so many websites that I checked when looking for price/pictures. So someone must like them.

Ash Sample Sale

Ash Showroom Sale Thursday 25th April – tomorrow! 11-7 pm 77 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 6DF I received an e-mail for this event, says there will be “wholesale prices” (whatever that equates to) for Ash, among other brands. They will also have some stock from Michael Kors, Pauric Sweeney & See by Chloe. Rather […]

Real vs Steal | Isabel Marant vs Various Contenders

Sooo I have sneakily borrowed (erhem) a photo from Chiara’s latest blog post on Coachella. Aside from the Constance bag, which I absolutely love and will (eventually) own, the other item that I liked (oh and aside from the Cartier love bracelet. Again, sooo going to get me one of those) are those suede boots.

Tell me about it, stud… Real vs Steal – Christian Louboutin vs Romwe

How many of you have seen a girl (or guy for that matter) wearing a pair of studded loafers and wonder… “how painful would it be to step on their toes … I wonder how much those cost.. are they Louboutins…” and so on… Well, this is what the Louboutins look like: I think they […]

Going for Gyaru

Just a super quick post about this cho-kawaii bag from Romwe. I first saw it on bloggers Cheesie (a similar bag) and Tricia Gosintian.

Patchwork Denim Shirts | Real vs Steal: Isabel Marant vs Lee Jeans

Somewhere between browsing street style photos and runway shots on ELLE.com, I came across a feature on 100 picks from the High Street for Spring/Summer 2013. One thing that caught my eye was this: When was the last time you saw a patchwork denim shirt? These were (something of ) a hit in 2011, and […]

Update: Monochrome Stripes | Marc Jacobs vs Marks & Spencer

If you’ve read my previous post on the monochrome trend, you’ll recognise the photograph below from the main header: I found a dupe for the suit featured in the main image, and now, heres a dupe for the dress – from Marks & Spencer no less! Credit for finding this actually goes to The Daily […]

Real vs Steal | Acne Lia vs H&M

Yes, its Acne again! And this time it’s about one of my favourite things: Acne’s cable knit mint green sweater. If Forbes made a list of The It Items of 2012, this would be on it. Bloggers wore it/wanted it, it was photographed ad infinitum and people went mad for it. It’s not hard to see […]