An Embellished, Embroidered, Floral-print Bohemian Rhapsody

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A what?

So I started off trying to think of a name that encapsulates the looks seen on the Isabel Marant Spring 2013 runway. (Rhapsody has no relevance, just seems to follow from “Bohemian”.) And ended up with that title.

(You can check out the photos of the collection here – tell me if you come up with something better :D)

On the catwalk was a mix of flowy paisley pieces, embellishments, embroidery, black and white floral prints with red trimmings. I loved the black/white + red combinations and this bejewelled red leather dress is just gorgeous.

Its an interesting mix, which is why I struggled to sum up the collection with one word…

When I see photographs of runway collections, more often than not my reaction is: Wow, but how can I ever wear that? (Mary Katranzou comes to mind). And looking at the Isabel Marant collection, my reaction was more like: Wow I can actually wear that! (This is as someone who does not work for Vogue)

Better still, to get the look, you needn’t spend a week’s wages on a pair of jeans. Monochrome is everywhere, and I don’t think it will be too long before high street designers start adding red. And there you have it: the look for less.

I’ve looked around the internet and put together a few pieces from this trend below 🙂


Isabel Marant Set

From Left to Right:

1. Isabel Marant Godart embroidered cropped skinny jeans

2. Warehouse Western Floral T-Shirt

3. Alexis Barrell Printed T-Shirt

4. Isabel Marant Weston Knit Jacket

5. Isabel Marant Beaded Suede Cuff

6. Isabel Marant Beaded Star Cuff Bracelet

7. Asos Statement Jacket with Embriodered Sleeves

8. Isabel Marant Mallonia Beaded Mini Dress

9. Theory Jacquard Shift Dress

10. H&M Floral Crepe Trousers

Update: And heres a few more… (forgive the lack of editing!)


1. Mango Monochrome Paisley Blazer

2. River Island Paisley Shirt

3. Topshop Beaded Bracelet

4. Warehouse Paisley Print Dress

5. Warehouse Paisley Print Shirt Dress

6. ASOS Paisley Print Dress

Happy shopping!


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