Make-Up Trends for Autumn

I’m steadily becoming more interested in the make-up looks seen at omgfashionweek – probably because the closest I’ll ever get to recreating a look from the runway is by imitating the make-up, not by buying the clothes. (Unless Zara happen to make a rip-off.) So while I may not have found the perfect pink coat that I’m after, there some other autumn trends from the make-up department that are easily recreated. These are my favourites:

1. Smudged Red Lips

Were my BF to ever wonder what it’s like to be a girl and wear heels and make-up, I imagine he’d slip on a pair of shoes and try out his favourite lipstick. (Lets assume he can identify brands and knows the name.) After tottering around for a bit, he’d be struck by fear and panic (not least because he should remember that I never EVER share make-up with anyone), kick off those Choos and hurriedly wipe off the lipstick. Unfortunately for him, he is not aware of the incredible staying power of Chanel, and in vain he’d wipe wipe wipe away, leaving him with a smudgy red lip. When time calls for an explanation, he’d have to confess and humbly ask for cleanser – or lie and say he smooched some other girl who tried to eat his face. In either situation, things do not look good for the BF.

Anyway. To re-create this look, apply a deep red or berry coloured lipstick, smudge it a bit on the back of your hand and viola! I recommend using Chanel over other brands because if you smudge it, you are screwed my friend. It’s so difficult to remove and if you try to wipe it away, it just blends into your skin more D: (Yep, I speak from experience. I had to ask for cleanser at a department store cosmetics counter after spending half the day looking like an extra from True Blood.)

Tip: be sure to carry around a small bottle of cleanser and a few cotton buds, in case you get lipstick all over your face.

2. Kapouf! Big Hair


This season is taking bed hair to a whole new level. For fellow curly haired girls, to get this look all you have to do is skip the frizz-ease after washing your hair and sleep with your hair still damp. The poodle hair that you wake up with the next morning and always resented has become the height of fashion. For those with straigh(er) hair, curl your hair as you usually would and set it with hairspray. Brush backwards using a fine tooth comb and voila. Poodle puff hair. I wonder if Cara will be able to popularise this like big eyebrows? (Which remain as popular as ever)

3. Red Make-up

Tip: to amplify the anaemic vibe, skip under eye concealer.

This is what I look like when I try to apply eyeshadow under my eyes to emphasise them (though I use brown). It never turns out well, making me look sick and severely sleep-deprived. Not cool. Pair it with the smudged red lip for an interesting reaction.

4. Wine Red Lipstick


While I won’t be donning a wig or chopping my hair off to get this look, I will definitely be trying out using wine/-red lipsticks for autumn. I absolutely laaaaaaaahhhhve this look. (Really.) What colour would you call it? Cabernet? Shiraz?

So far, I think I’ve spent about two hours in department stores looking for this colour – without any success!! >,<¬† (Sadlife.) The closest I have is MAC’s “Amorous”, but it doesn’t have that pink tone. So if anyone can tell me what was used for this look (or suggest something similar), PLEASE TELL ME I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER THANK YOU. It didn’t occur to me to photograph the various lipsticks I tried at the time, but I’ll take photos next time and post them up, in case theres anyone as obsessed as I am with finding this shade. (Anyone?)



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