Denim Shirts / Olivia Palermo

Denim shirts are one of the many trends that have resurged, but I’m only now warming up to it and thinking of getting a denim shirt for myself. (Yes I’m typically late in catching the Fashion Bahn.) I found a nice one in H&M, but I decided against buying, thinking denim shirts have had their […]

au Printemps

HOORAY SPRING IS HERE!! After months of cold and awful dreary weather, we are finally getting some sunshine! As my fellow Brits will testify, there was no summer last year. So it wasn’t comparable to “the” year without a summer, it was just rubbish. May: wettest in 100 years. June: coldest in history. July: similar. […]

Patchwork Denim Shirts | Real vs Steal: Isabel Marant vs Lee Jeans

Somewhere between browsing street style photos and runway shots on, I came across a feature on 100 picks from the High Street for Spring/Summer 2013. One thing that caught my eye was this: When was the last time you saw a patchwork denim shirt? These were (something of ) a hit in 2011, and […]