Denim Shirts / Olivia Palermo

Denim shirts are one of the many trends that have resurged, but I’m only now warming up to it and thinking of getting a denim shirt for myself. (Yes I’m typically late in catching the Fashion Bahn.) I found a nice one in H&M, but I decided against buying, thinking denim shirts have had their […]

Update: Real vs Steal | Equipment vs Forever 21

When I was searching for a link to the Forever21 shirt featured in my previous post, look what I came across on the website! Copyright infringement, hello! With the white collar, and the spacing of the stripes, this shirt looks JUST LIKE the Equipment shirt! On a mission to buy this today 🙂 Manon

Real vs Steal | Equipment vs Forever 21

First it was yellow, then simple brown paper, and then, bright pink. What am I talking about? The ubiquitous bags of Oxford Street of course: Selfridges, Primark and Forever 21. Selfridges, is synonymous with luxury, Primark with cheap fashion. But Forever 21? Before its opening a year or so ago, I had never heard of […]