Well hello there…!

Look whats back in stock after swiftly flying off the shelves (rails in this case) – the H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection!

I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that since this collection debuted (and sold out), I have been clicking a link on my sidebar almost every day since, trying, hoping to get a dress. And it’s finally paid off because today, all of these dresses are back in stock:


Which include the one I really wanted! (The green dress) The bottom two are quite meh (not to mention her leg in the third photo looks really weird), but the top two are nice.

Here are the links:

Pink dress (top left)

Green camouflage dress (top right)

Blue satin dress (bottom left)

Red pon pon dress (bottom right)


Happy Bunny


Isabel Marant for H&M

I KNOW RIGHT. Only just heard about this (I read the FT not Vogue -.-)

I wonder what the collection will include..? I’m going to guess embellishments and embroidery (if it follows the looks on Paris fashion week), wedge “sneakers” (when did I start using that word?), and the label’s characteristic “boho” looks. I cringe when I hear the word. It reminds me of the gypsy skirts and peasant blouses that were popular years ago. Please don’t return. Homeless look = not cool.

I’m looking forward to the collection though 🙂


The Hermes Sample Sale – 14th June 2013

So. I did not walk away with a Birkin. Or a Collier de Chien, enamel bangle, scarf, watch or anything for that matter. Nothing but a BIG FAT SENSE OF DISAPPOINTMENT. After queuing for around half an hour to get in, there were only clothes and shoes, no accessories 😦

There were some nice shoes between £300-£400, but nothing in my size (with hindsight thats probably a good thing).

Clothes were 50% off, so there were some real bargains to be found: a leather jacket for £3,200, hats at £250, shirts at £270 (no ties), a beautiful printed top for £700.

Needless to say the first part of that sentence was a joke. So are the prices for that matter.



p.s./ Yes there were people buying this stuff

Hermes Sample Sale


Your eyes do not deceive: the French god of luxury is holding a sample sale! *-*

Guys please do not expect to find a Birkin for a tenner. In the last sample sale I went to, there were ties (around £70 and came with some kind of offer), scarves, small leather goods and clothes (which are still insanely expensive).

The sample sale will be held at The Music Rooms (Grays Antique Market)

26 Molton Lane, London W1K 5AB

The nearest tube station is Bond Street

Friday 14th June, 2013 – 8.30 am – 7 pm
Saturday 15th June, 2013 – 10 am – 6 pm

See you at 8 on the dot :3


And if I can do it without being arrested, I’ll snap some photos to show you all 🙂

Perspex Clutches

Remember the Candy Bag from 2011/2012, one of the “it” bags of the season from Furla? Revealing the mysteries of a woman’s handbag seems to be the fashion once again and the transparent bag is back for spring, this time in the form of perspex clutches.

We’ve seen the Chanel Lego clutch, Valentino’s Rockstud bag, and some interesting designs from Charlotte Olympia (perfume bottle, clapperboard clutches, anyone?) My favourite design is Charlotte Olympia’s “Pandora” clutch. They cost between £600-£800, which is a heck of a lot for a little bit of plastic. However! Look at this little gem that I found on The Outnet this morning!


Charlotte Olympia Stardust Pandora box clutch, in a glittery gold colour (reduced from £795 to £357.75)

It would like cute with an evening gown or cocktail dress, but it’s still a lot for a piece of plastic. And I fear dropping it :/

What do you guys make of this trend? Transparent bags are completely impractical (theres no fear of thieves in fashion world, apparently), but isn’t that what we love about fashun!


p.s./ Along with silver and orange, I’ve just noticed that perspex is another word that doesn’t rhyme with another.

p.s. 2/ The rainbow pumps that Atlantic-Pacific posted on her blog a few days ago are available on The Outnet, here, for you die-hard fans of hers 😀 Tschuss!

Real vs Steal | Balenciaga vs Topshop cut-out boots

I was in two minds whether to post this or not. On the one hand, they are one of the most effing ugly pair of shoes I have ever seen. And yet they’re sold out on so many websites that I checked when looking for price/pictures. So someone must like them.

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Words of wisdom from Joan Collins

“I’m often amazed when some lined, blotchy-skinned woman proudly announces she’s never allowed an ounce of make-up touch her face. Well, bully for you, if you want to go to the grave looking like Dracula’s grandma, but if you want to look young, then start applying make-up.”

Beauty Junkie


How many of you made a New Year’s resolution this year? How many of them lasted longer than the leftover food? Ah yes, I sense your guilt 😀 Now that it’s Spring, the season of new beginnings and all that, it’s a good time to get organised and spring clean your home (always a lot of fun), your wardrobe (definitely a lot of fun) and your skincare regime.

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Ash Sample Sale (May)

This isn’t a copypasta reposting error – the Ash sample sale returns for those who didn’t make the last one 🙂
And apparently, prices have been further reduced!
Thursday 23rd May – tomorrow!
10-7 pm
77 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 6DF
Current stock and samples at “wholesale prices” (still not sure what that means)
As before, cards will only be accepted for orders over £200, so bring cash! Or bring your friends and lump your orders together.
You need a Members Code to get in, it’s ASHX04
Happy shopping!
p.s./ a real post will be up later. Don’t abandon me ._.