Denim Shirts / Olivia Palermo

Denim shirts are one of the many trends that have resurged, but I’m only now warming up to it and thinking of getting a denim shirt for myself. (Yes I’m typically late in catching the Fashion Bahn.) I found a nice one in H&M, but I decided against buying, thinking denim shirts have had their […]

Isabel Marant for H&M

I KNOW RIGHT. Only just heard about this (I read the FT not Vogue -.-) I wonder what the collection will include..? I’m going to guess embellishments and embroidery (if it follows the looks on Paris fashion week), wedge “sneakers” (when did I start using that word?), and the label’s characteristic “boho” looks. I cringe […]

And always let your conscience be your guide

So, as you probably know April 4th was the launch of the H&M Conscious Collection. The H&M Conscious Collection … Anyone else struck by the irony of that? H&M, a retailer giant synonymous with fast fashion, has gotten a conscience and gets their act together. That wouldn’t be a bad thing – that would amaze […]

Real vs Steal | Acne Lia vs H&M

Yes, its Acne again! And this time it’s about one of my favourite things: Acne’s cable knit mint green sweater. If Forbes made a list of The It Items of 2012, this would be on it. Bloggers wore it/wanted it, it was photographed ad infinitum and people went mad for it. It’s not hard to see […]