A/W Trends – Pale Pink + Celine vs Zara

A few weeks back, I read a feature on pink being “the colour” for autumn/winter 2013/2014. A quick google search later brought up shots from the runway of dusty pink clothes in all kinds of cuts and styles.

As much as I like the colour, pale pink is far too sweet and girly for me to wear without adding to my already childlike image (it’s nice to look young, but 15 is pushing it a bit). In fact I don’t think anyone over the age of 20 can pull this colour off without looking like a kid.

I was convinced of that, until I saw this coat in Vogue’s trend report:

Then my thoughts switched to I MUST HAVE IT. THIS COAT IS PERFECTION!! Buut then I noticed it’s made by Celine .. so there went my dream of owning the perfect pink winter coat 😦 I’ve had this bookmarked for weeks as the kind of coat I want to buy this year. (I hope I’m not the only one who does sad things like that.) (Oh – see: Pinterest.)

Fast forward to August, I decided to check out Zara’s website after seeing a post their autumn campaign on Fashionsquad, and looks what I sees…

Hello! Quite similar to the Celine coat, no? It doesn’t look as luxurious (unsurprisingly), but it follows the masculine style, and with some adjustments here and there, I’ll be quite happy with this version (and enough cash left over for a luggage tote).


The link for the coat is here 🙂 I’m waiting for it to come out in shops so I can try it on 🙂


Another pink coat, £125 from Urban Outfitters. I saw this in a magazine and thought it looked cute (photo on the left), but now that I’ve seen it on Urban Outfitters’ website (photo on the right), I think it looks a bit off… :/ The search for a pink coat continues.




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