Well hello there…!

Look whats back in stock after swiftly flying off the shelves (rails in this case) – the H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection!

I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that since this collection debuted (and sold out), I have been clicking a link on my sidebar almost every day since, trying, hoping to get a dress. And it’s finally paid off because today, all of these dresses are back in stock:


Which include the one I really wanted! (The green dress) The bottom two are quite meh (not to mention her leg in the third photo looks really weird), but the top two are nice.

Here are the links:

Pink dress (top left)

Green camouflage dress (top right)

Blue satin dress (bottom left)

Red pon pon dress (bottom right)


Happy Bunny

2 thoughts on “Well hello there…!

  1. That second dress is a dream! Also not sure what’s going on with the whole RSS thing on my blog. I added a RSS thingy/feed on my blog but not sure, but I know that bloglovin works? 🙂

    • I knoww I’m so happy I finally managed to buy it! 🙂
      I’m still getting the RSS error … I think it’s time for me to join bloglovin :3

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