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HOORAY SPRING IS HERE!! After months of cold and awful dreary weather, we are finally getting some sunshine! As my fellow Brits will testify, there was no summer last year. So it wasn’t comparable to “the” year without a summer, it was just rubbish. May: wettest in 100 years. June: coldest in history. July: similar. August … you get the picture. Yes the British really do love to talk about the weather and use phrases like “awfully good”.

So now that the weather is finally warming up, it’s time to pack those monochromes away (for now), make the most of the weather and bring out the florals!

Here are some of my faves for a wardrobe refresh:

Marni Topshop

Retro/60s themed silk skirt from Marni (£177) + denim shirt from Topshop (£29). (I saw this shirt on another blogger, here).

Zara Shirt

Skirt from Mason by Michelle Mason at the Outnet (£240). Shirt from Zara (£22.99).

I take back what I said about packing the monochromes away – couldn’t resist this white leather skirt. I’ve always wanted to try a leather skirt, and white is perfect because it’s not as standout as black but still looks sophisticated. Plus white is a great colour for summer. That said, wearing leather in the heat is probably not a wise idea…!

I would pair it with a simple white shirt, black courts and let the accessories do the talking.


Lulu Frost necklace and earrings


Oscar de la Renta for the Outnet skirt and H&M shirt (£3.99!)


This skirt from ASOS looks much more expensive than it really is (£32).

Update with a three sentence review: I ordered this skirt from ASOS a few days ago. The pattern is nice, the quality is so-so (elasticated waist  !!!!), but unfortunately the skirt falls just below the knee (as it does on the model), which is an unflattering lengh on me. And it can’t be shortened because that would cut off the pattern so back to ASOS it went 😦 Boo.

Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather!



4 thoughts on “au Printemps

  1. I was visiting London twice last year during ‘summer’ and I can testify how awful it was. Hope you guys have a better spring/summer this time around. I love that Asos skirt, but really, I love anything with prints. Great finds!!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. Let me know if you wanna follow each other to keep in touch 🙂


    • We’re set to have a nice summer this year, apparently!
      It’s a shame you came to London last year and not this year – anyone who visited then will probably be deterred from ever coming back lol
      I’m following you now btw, your post on the aeroplane mishap really made me laugh 😀

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