Gossip Girl | Herve Leger at the Outnet

I must be one of the few people who hasn’t watched Gossip Girl  but I can claim to have seen parts of a few episodes… and didn’t really know what was going on, all that struck me was the clothes to be honest – which I’ll come back to in a minute.

Tuesday is new collection day at the Outnet, and this time its Herve Leger so I thought I’d check it out. I don’t know how many of you have the same experience with the Outnet, but mine usually follows this pattern: click on image, get redirected – item is ALREADY sold out. Browse other stuff, click on something I like, only size left is XXL. 

This time round, I was surprised that there are small and x small sizes left AND  the price is ok…ish (60% off, but still an expensive dress).

These are my favourites, you can view all the dresses here:


(Blue is my favourite colour as you can see). And now, back to Gossip Girl. These dresses immediately reminded me of another Herve Leger dress which I saw in an episode of Gossip Girl. I loved the fit, the colour – and the gold LV  of course :O

Raiders of the Lost Art

The dress looked great on her – which is the beauty of these dresses; they flatter everyone. It would be nice to own “the original” bandage dress, but even discounted they’re still expensive. I’m tempted, but I think the money is better put towards getting that LV…



4 thoughts on “Gossip Girl | Herve Leger at the Outnet

  1. I was an avid watcher of Gossip Girl, definitely less for the story lines which were a little OTT towards the end but you’re right – the wardrobe was amazing! The Herve Leger on Leighton Meester is stunning.

    • I agree, Blair marrying the prince of Monaco? Come on now -.- But I would still watch it for the clothes, and ridiculous storylines are still entertaining :p

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