Paris Fashion Week: Autumn/Winter Trends 2013

Does anyone else find it strange how the fashion world is always two seasons ahead? So while we mere mortals are looking at florals, pastels, lace and all things sweet and springtime, designers are sending what we’ll be wearing in autumn/winter down the runways of Paris Fashion Week… Le monde est un endroit étrange, non?

I’ve held off buying any more spring clothes because the weather is so gloomy here (in Britain), so why not be ‘fashion forward’ and wear next seasons’ trends now? OK other than celebrities, few people will be doing that, but we can at least think about them…


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I called it being fashion forward, you probably thought I was insane, but this is one trend you can definitely wear now! Metallics were here for spring, and if the Balmain show is anything to go by, it looks like they’ll be staying til Christmas..

The Balmain show had something of an 80s revival going on… broad shoulders, draped skirts and trousers which were cinched in at the waist, jewel tones, metallics, diamond shapes and sparkling embellishments… But somehow I doubt that these can be worn off the catwalk without looking like part of the Dallas cast or like you’ve just strolled in wearing a turban as a skirt.

I’ll be trying the black/gold metallics now and the jewel tones for winter.

(and check out those badass earrings!)



(L-R: Chanel, Balmain, Elie Saab, Lanvin)

Teal is a strange colour for me. When you see it in magazines, or here on the runway, it looks great, but on the high streetm often the colour just looks “off” and dull :/

Teal was a hit in the make-up department too this year – teal eyeliner, apparently – I haven’t actually seen this look get past models at Stella McCartney.

Cobalt Blue


L-R: Chanel, Maxime Simonens, Ungaro

Along with teal, there was quite a lot of cobalt blue at PFW, and I LOVE cobalt blue so I really hope it’s a hit for autumn! You can never have too many blue outfits…

(And on another note, it looks like peplum is here to stay…)

Winter Dressing: Women’s Logic

Is how I describe the looks on the Chanel runway, obviously it’s not the name of a trend.. How many times have you seen girls trudging through snow wearing shorts with tights underneath and ugg boots? This is what my male friends call “women’s logic for winter dressing”: fashion choices which don’t make sense. Who in their right mind wears shorts in the winter?

And on the Chanel runway, we have impractical winter coats and layering.

Chanel1 Chanel5  Chanel57

As cute as Lindsey Wixon looks in a metallic mini skirt, leather socks and layered sweaters, I don’t think this type of layering will do much against the cold

But if I was more into Gyaru/Harajuku style, I would so wear those socks!



Hooray, British influences in fashion! Houndstooth was seen at Dior, Maxine Simoens, Paco Rabanne among others.


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As much as I like monochrome, it’s a bit depressing to look at collection after collection where the whole show is black and white. At Balenciaga, there was something a bit different (not in the colour, which was all black and white with some grey here and there) – the curved edges. I hope this sort of cut makes it to the high street!


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Valentino starts with a somewhat gloomy, Wednesday Addams vibe, but it brightens up. First there are short shift dresses with white lace collars and cuffs. A bit dull, but redeemed by the shoes. Then there’s an assortment of colours and styles: cobalt blue, paisley, 101 Dalmatians inspiration, scalloped edges, colour blocking, Chinese vase print, Madame Butterfly/origami folds, leather, lace, Snow White, and some gorgeous gowns for good measure… Quite a lot going on there! But if there’s one look you can definitely try now, it’s the China vase print. I’ve this print seen on the spring/summer catwalks and you can find it on the high street.

(Aren’t the fishtail braids cute?)

Hope you liked my post! 🙂


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