Monochrome Stripes

Copy of Marc Jacobs Runway Header

My previous post on the Isabel Marant trend seemed to go down well, so I’m continuing the theme with a post on another hit trend this season: monochrome + stripes.

Stripes are one of my favourite trends – always a classic and there are so many ways of wearing them. The header image uses looks from the Marc Jacobs collection, and as you can see, you can be bold and make a statement with a full length dress, or be more conservative and opt for a striped suit. One thing I would avoid is a striped trouser suit though – you don’t want to end up channeling this guy’s look

Of course, you don’t need to shop from Marc Jacobs to get that Parisian cool. You don’t need to spend loads to get good quality fabrics and well-fitted garments. There are also some great high street dupes :p

I’ve put together a selection of some of my favourite pieces, both designer and high street, showing you how you can get the look for much less.

Marc Jacobs vs Set with Text

Look familiar? This suit is the middle image from the header (I believe so anyway) AND IT COSTS A BOMB! Count on Zara and ASOS to offer pieces that won’t make your eyes bleed.

Balmain vs Set with Text

Not a typo, those Balmain jeans really do cost over a thousand pounds. But this is a simple style, and its easy to find similar jeans. (Seriously who spends 1k on a pair of jeans?)

L-R: Balmain Jeans, Boohoo “Lolita” Jeans, Topshop Leigh Jeans

Striped Jackets

These jackets don’t really look similar, they just both look good! Difference is that one costs close to £1,000, the other less than £100.

Left: Each x Other Leather Jacket, Right: Zara Jacket

Striped Skirts

Striped skirts. I have my eye on the one from Zara

L-R: Bruuns Bazaar Jersey Skirt, River Island Skirt, Zara Skirt

Striped Dresses Set with Text

L-R: Marc Jacobs “Scooter” Dress, Malene Birger “Lullian” Dress, Warehouse Dress

As I said, theres no need to shop from Marc Jacobs to look good! The direction of the stripes is different, but the Warehouse dress has a nice silhouette like the Marc Jacobs one.

Update: Marc Jacobs Scooter dress (and a load of other new season clothes) has 30% on Get an extra 10% off sale prices with the code MYEXTRA10

And here are a couple more dresses:

Marc Jacobs Lida Dress

 Its Marc Jacobs again!! (I don’t work there, I swear!) Its on sale here at my-wardrobe so its quite affordable. By the time I published this post, the dress sold out but keep checking the my-wardrobe website as items that are sold out come sometimes come back in stock. Don’t forget to take advantage of their additional 10% off offer!

You can get the blue version at Matches and My-Theresa.

Update: anyone interested in getting this dress should take at least one size down, if not two. I bought it (before it was 10% off -.-) in a size US4/UK8 and it fit like a parachute. So I returned it and managed to get a US0/UK4, but it was still massive! And I had to return it 😦 So yes take my advice and downsize.





Recognise this dress? It’s the Kate Spade Carolyn dress, as seen on Taylor Swift. AND ITS ON SALE AT NEIMAN MARCUS! I have wanted this dress for SO LONG so I immediately added it to the basket, proceeded to checkout… only to discover that an additional £80 would be added for shipping and taxes… … … (cry).







Happy shopping! (And if you spot someone wearing those Balmain jeans, send me a picture :D)




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