Real vs Steal | Equipment vs Forever 21

First it was yellow, then simple brown paper, and then, bright pink.

What am I talking about? The ubiquitous bags of Oxford Street of course: Selfridges, Primark and Forever 21. Selfridges, is synonymous with luxury, Primark with cheap fashion. But Forever 21? Before its opening a year or so ago, I had never heard of this store. (Should that be followed with an exclamation mark?) I had time to spare so I finally decided to pop in and see what the hype was all about.

And it’s not hard to see why. The latest trends (neon, pastels, metallic, lace, denim, you name it) as well as the basics, good quality fabrics and decent prices. Plus, it’s not chaotic (Primark I’m looking your way) and the store is bright and well-organised. To me, that spells “Better than Primark, better than H&M”.

I work in a corporate environment, so a lot of their items were not suitable for me (but OK for casual wear), but with that said, lo and behold, look what I found:

Look familiar? Its the Equipment shirt!!

WendyEquipment Shirt

Seen here on Wendy of

This shirt has long been on my wishlist but has long since sold out 😦

Equipment, £200 vs. Forever 21, £20.

I’m sure the quality doesn’t compare, but for a tenth of the price, I think we have a winner.

Has anyone else found “a steal” in F21 recently? I would love to hear your comments! 🙂

xx Manon

p.s. when I get round to wearing it, I will include a review of the F21 shirt

Coming soon:

Real vs Steal: Acne – that mint green sweater and Acne pistol boots. Do subscribe to receive a post update 🙂


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